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Nidar Products in Finland and Sweden

Stratos is available in Finland.

Nidar is the leading supplier of sweets to the Norwegian market, and exports selected products to Sweden and Finland. 


Smash! are crispy and lightly salted corn snacks covered in sweet milk chocolate. This unique, Norwegian invention is one of the most popular chocolates on the Norwegian market, and is also available in Finland and Sweden.

IFA Liquorice Pastilles

With a long-lasting, delicious liquorice flavour and a soft and chewy texture, IFA is a long standing Norwegian classic. Launched in 1930, IFA is one of Norway’s most popular pastilles. IFA is available in Finland in two different flavours: original salty liquorice, and eucalyptus with liquorice.


Famous for its delicious, milk chocolate bubbles, Stratos is one of Nidars bestsellers. The airy chocolate was introduced in 1936, and was an instant favourite on the Norwegian market. Stratos chocolate bars are available in Finland. 

Smash! Original

Smash! is available in Finland and Sweden.

Illustration of IFA

IFA is availble in Finland