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Nidar's marzipan is deeply embedded in tradition. Made with the recipe since 1915, Nidar's marzipan is an essential treat for Easter and Christmas.

In addition to sesonal marzipan for Christmas and Easter, Nidar makes the chocolate-covered marzipan bar Gullbrød, available all year.

  • Påskemarsipan

    Nidar's Easter Marzipan is based on an original recipe from 1915. Sold each year at Easter, Nidar's marzipan is an annual tradition for many Norwegian families. More information in Norwegian.
  • Julemarsipan

    Nidar's Marzipan is a Norwegian Christmas staple. Based on a recipe from 1915, Christmas Marzipan is one of Nidar's most popular products. More information in Norwegian.
  • Gullbrød

    Gullbrød is one of Nidar's oldest classics, and consists of premium, rich marzipan coated with deliciously smooth, dark chocolate. Since 1915. More information in Norwegian.